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Telescopic / Retractable

Retractable seatings are vailable in a variety of positions and attachment types: against a wall, under a balcony, self-standing.

Conform to the following regulations in standards:

  • EN 13200, which specifies design and management requirements for spectator facilities at permanent and temporary venues including sport stadia, sport halls, and other indoor and outdoor facilities;
  • ISO 3834, which applies to controlled manufacture of metal structures;
  • ISO 14001, which specifies environmental management requirements;
  • and ISO 9001 for quality assurance in design, development, production, supply, installation and servicing.


Our retractable seating systems can accommodate a wide range of seat options varying in model and type. In close consideration of the spatial and technical possibilities of each facility, Elan seating systems support also the products of the world's leading seating manufacturers.