Opening of the sports hall in Virovitica, Croatia

After almost 30 years, the Vladimir Nazor Elementary School in Virovitica, Croatia, got its third larger sports hall, which was symbolically opened by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia Andrej Plenković. The two-part gym with 2,900 m2 will now be available for use for primary school students, the education and rehabilitation center, student dormitories and many other athletes who have not yet had the appropriate conditions to perform the desired sports activities.

At Elan Inventa, we are proud to have been part of an important project in Virovitica. In cooperation with our representative in Croatia, the company Brid, d.o.o., we provided Elan sports equipment, which is developed and manufactured in accordance with the highest standards of safety, quality and functionality and is certified by many international organizations.

We have installed:

     • telescopic stands,
     • dividing curtains,
     • wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted backstop units,
     • IHF handball goals,
     • scoreboards,
     • soft paddings,
     • wall bars,
     • other smaller sports equipment.