TransFlex seating systems

Elan TransFlex is a flexible mobile seating solution for creating various seating setups for hosting a wide range of different events in sports and multipurpose arenas. TransFlex seating system allows movement in any direction and consists of telescopic stands for between 50-400 spectators, which can be set up freely in the open plan and easily transported by different vehicles within or even between sites. Segments can be arranged side by side or in different configurations that match the needs of the facility and event manager in the most optimal way. An example of the speed and flexibility of the system is demonstrated by the fact that the configuration for 4500 spectators can be changed and arranged in just 8 hours, saving both time and needed manpower. Each of our mobile retractable Elan TransFlex seating solutions follows a basic model in different sizes, but is specially adapted to the bespoke requirements of the individual customer.

The TransFlex grandstand system is designed to reproduce any
possible event situation such as: 
•    setup in one line for congresses or live events such as 
      concerts and sports events,
•    round setup for boxing, wrestling and mixed martial arts,
•    rectangular setup for sports events.

The benefits of the Elan TransFlex seating system are:

•    individual design of the event layout,
•    individual adjustment of the number of seats,    
•    faster assembly and dismantling of the TransFlex grandstands,
•    faster conversion.