Leipziger Messe

Leipzig, Germany

Each year Leipziger Messe organizes approximately 40 fairs, 100 congresses and other events with a total of 10,000 exhibitors and 1.3 million visitors. In the middle of the exhibition centre is a 19,446 m² large glass hall, which is connected to the multi-purpose event hall, 4 exhibition halls and a convention centre. Elan Inventa developed a Transflex solution, which met Leipziger Messe's needs of mobility and multipurpose usability of the seating systems. 

Elan Transflex seating system consist of:
•    12 identical units or blocks, 
•    each with 360 seats, 
•    pushing the total number of seats to over 4,300.

Its extreme flexibility and ability to create multiple configurations, Elan Transflex can accommodate a variety of purposes ranging from concerts to sports, cultural and entertaining events. The most important advantage of Transflex is mobility. The block is 12 m wide and 20 rows high. The weight of this block is about 23 tons when closed, each stand unit only measures 2.3 metres in width, and can be moved from one location to another using a specially designed trailer. Transflex units are free-standing and equipped with lit retractable staircases. The fact that stairs can also be fitted at the back of the units adds another revolutionary feature to this state-of-the-art design. The stand is manufactured in accordance with the strict standards for spectator facilities, EN13200 and DIN 18032. The Transflex project is one of the largest projects undertaken by Elan Inventa.