Sports hall Mengeš

Mengeš, Slovenia

The Municipality of Mengeš has gained a completely new low-energy multi-purpose sports hall, which is connected to the Mengeš Primary School by an underground connecting corridor. Construction of the sports hall began in July 2019 and was given its final look in October 2020. In collaboration with the Gartner Architects who designed the hall, Elan Inventa provided equipment for the gym, changing rooms, hallways, a ticket office, and an outdoor playground.

The materials used and the external appearance of the building are adapted to the space, green park and recreational areas. The interior of the building is characterized by materials such as wood, visible concrete, white plaster, and glass. Great attention was paid to the harmony of individual elements of the equipment, which create a restrained, yet elegant interior ambience. In addition to the special choice of materials, the project is also special due to its efficient energy design and installation. For the highest level of energy efficiency of the building, the installation of LED lights is planned throughout the facility, while a central control system is required for their management. (Gartner Architects)

Sports Hall Mengeš

Source: Gartner Lifecycle Arhitecture

Elan Inventa provided sports equipment in accordance with the visual requirements of the designers and with the highest standards of quality and safety. We designed, supplied, and implemented wooden sports flooring with drawn playgrounds, a telescopic tribune under the balcony and dividing curtains, which divide the space into three separate parts. We supplied equipment for various sports games and gym equipment for the implementation of school education. Protective nets for walls and windows were installed for additional protection. Interesting elements in the multi-purpose sports hall are also a climbing wall and a gym cage, which enable additional sports activities. The outdoor court is equipped with built-in basketball units and handball goals.

We are proud of the successfully implemented project, which is available for use by primary school students as well as other citizens who like sports activities. We are happy to see that sport is developing in accordance with modern guidelines and is adapting to the needs of new generations.