Stožice Arena

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Stožice Center is the heart of sports in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Entire complex includes a soccer stadium, multifunctional arena and a training hall. It was opened in August 2010. The telescopic stands for the Stožice Arena were one of Inventa’s biggest projects both in terms of complexity as well as scope and project deadlines. Most of the products hold FIBA certificates.

Elan Inventa fitted the multipurpose arena with:

  • telescopic grandstands,
  • Connor parquet sports flooring,
  • portable basketball goals FIBA Easyplay Official,
  • upper ring closure curtains,
  • Stramatel scoreboards,
  • tennis, badminton, volleyball and table tennis equipment.

The capacity: 12.480 seats in three levels.

Elan Inventa fitted the training hall with:

  • telescopic stands,
  • dividing curtain,
  • wall-mounted basketball goals,
  • portable basketball goals FIBA Easyplay Official,
  • handball goals,
  • Stramatel scoreboards.

EuroBasket 2013

The renovation and fitting out Stožice arena to host EuroBasket 2013 finals, in September 2013, was also taken over by Elan Inventa. Slovenia welcomed Europe’s 24 top national teams competing for the prestigious title of EuroBasket Champion.