Make your outdoor event unique and comfortable

Elan EkoFlexTM is a unique multifunctional innovative seating solution for hosting outdoor cultural or sports events, congresses, concerts or any type of outdoor events. Newly developed seating solution EkoFlexTM provides improved overall customer experience compared to the seating we currently see at the outdoor events.

Elan EkoflexTM is sustainable, technologically sophisticated, smart, safe, mobile and meets the highest demands of energy efficiency and automation which is and still will drastically become one of the main priorities of the outdoor event organizers.

One of the main advantages is its unified pre-manufactured modules which allow easy and fast assembly with not much manpower needed. The innovative grandstand structure allows adaptation to uneven ground with an advanced anchoring method and offers a multi-functional weather protection.


Significantly improved customer experience

The comfort that we currently experience indoors will now be able to be experienced outdoors. The Elan EkoFlexTM is the first outdoor seating solution with advanced ergonomic seating and extra space offering the highest level of comfort. EkoFlexTM has integrated digital and audio-visual features, solar panels and many other extra specifications which bring the user experience on another level.

EkoFlexTM seating advantages:  

  • Ergonomic foam
  • Adjustable family bench
  • Multifunctional use: bench, table or a space divider
  • Phone charging
  • Cup holders