Complete solutions for multipurpose gyms, smaller school gyms and outdoor playgrounds. Equipping completely new facilities and renovating outdated sports facilities.
Superb sports flooring and court marking. A variety of sports floors suitable for large sports arenas, smaller school halls and outdoor sports areas.
Protective nets and soft wall coverings to ensure the safety of the sports facility and acoustic coverings to attenuate the sound of ball strikes.
Built-in indoor equipment for exercise and climbing. Wall bars, ladders, wall mounted climbing equipment and climbing walls.
Elan sports mats of various sizes and for different types of use. Our sport mats come in different colors.
Multipurpose electric and manual scoreboards suitable for different sports. We also offer FIBA certified scoreboards.
Storage closets for small sports equipment and locker rooms.
Small equipment for sports, events and competitions.
Indoor and outdoor basketball structures for professional and recreational play. The equipment is designed and manufactured in accordance with safety regulations and FIBA standards. We develop our products with our own know-how.
Professional high-end Elan Street Basketball Sport Equipment that withstands challenging acrobatic performances and scoring.
Built-in or portable handball equipment suitable for school sports, recreational level and top level competitions. The equipment complies with safety regulations and IHF standards.
Indoor and outdoor volleyball equipment manufactured in accordance with FIVB safety regulations and rules.
All for football in schools, football clubs and for recreational use. Football goals of different sizes and colors and small equipment for training and competition.
Gymnastic equipment for school use and sports gymnastics, manufactured in accordance with the standards and recommendations of the International Gymnastics Association FIG.
Athletic equipment suitable for school use, trainings and high level competitions.
Badminton equipment for outdoor and indoor use. The equipment is manufactured in accordance with functional and safety standards.
Table tennis equipment for indoor and outdoor use. Tables and rackets for different levels of skills. Our products are produced in accordance with the ITTF International Table Tennis Federation.
Indoor hockey equipment for school use.